Online Reservation Systems


Ferry Route is the MODERN and INNOVATIVE solution for online booking ferry tickets.

  1. Provides the option of searching ports in 2 different ways: by typing in the area of port of departure / destination (in Greek or English) and automatically suggesting possible destinations using autocomplete scripts or with the appearance of a popup a list of ports. When selecting the departure port by the user, the destination ports are automatically filtered helping to avoid false searches.
  2. There is the possibility of multiple trips where the user can select up to 3 trips with independent ports of departure / destination for each of them and make a single payment.
  3. It is possible to search +/- 3 days on the display summary table of values for the user convenience in finding the most economical travel on selected dates.

Through the CMS webservices we give the user the ability to easily manage:

  • Ports (Multilingual support, enable / disable for the port, resolution of multiple criteria, e.g. country),
  • Companies (Multilingual support, activation / deactivation company, introduction logo),
  • Sales (Multilingual support, activation / deactivation discount per company)
  • Media (Multilingual support, activation / deactivation agent per company, division ships – aircraft)
  • Passenger Seat – Vehicle (Multilingual support, enable / disable location per company).


With Book & Stay you can embed in your website a modern and useful hotel bookings system with over 98,000 hotels in 188 countries.

Embed in your website short holiday programs in urban centers through xml webservice interconnection and easily enable direct online sales through your website.

The benefits are clear: after completion, your website will have all the functionality of Book & Stay, while the interface will remain the same.

This way, your customers will have access to your website to make their reservations, enjoying competitive prices and variety of products Book & Stay.

  1. Provides the ability to search by country and city or region of the city of destination.
  2. There is the possibility of sorting the results based on the category of accommodation, total price of the reservation or the name of the accommodation.
  3. It is possible to further filter the results by the type of accommodation and the total booking price.
  4. The user can obtain information about the hotel chosen (such as location, amenities and see photos of the accommodation).
  5. Information provided before making your reservation includes the cancellation policy of the selected hotel.

Through the CMS of webservices give the possibility to the user:

  1. to change the markup of the total booking amount
  2. cancel any reservations necessary with immediate information on whether there are any cancellations.

Online Reservation Systems

Looking for MODERN & INNOVATIVE solutions for online reservations?


Ferry Route is designed to help travel agents that want to enter to the new age of the e-TICKET!!!


Now the client can find you and book the room he wishes quickly, easily, efficiently. Book & Stay, ASK how.

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