Benefits of Blogging

Vela Digital Design Admin Websites

Blog is a type of webpage consisted of different posts, arranged in chronological order from most recent to oldest.

Some benefits a blog has for a company webpage are:

  1. Better SEO – Updating your blog means new webpages get indexed, with new content and new keywords that will increase your exposure on search engines.
  2. Developing relationships with existing and potential customers By posing questions at the end of the post of your blog or simply by activating the comments you can start discussions. Studying or answering your readers’ comments you can get valuable feedback on what your customers want and develop mutual trust.
  3. Connection with your brand – Writing posts for your blog, allows you to show your readers a more personal side of yourself to present your corporate standards, goals and your company’s personality.
  4. Promotion in social media – Every time you upload a post, you create opportunities for your audience to share it(or tweet it or send it by email). You thereby earn free promotion in their respective social media.